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About Our Group

The purpose of this group is to provide support to the Boy Scouts of America Camp Friedlander in Ohio. 

We provide support in the form of volunteer man hours to complete projects for the camp such as maintenance and upkeep of the grounds.  Projects can range from grounds maintenance (such as cutting grass and painting) to constructing buildings and bridges to clearing walking trails.  Nothing is outside the scope of what may be asked of our group.

Our members bring a wide variety of skills to the group to be leveraged for the improvement of the camp grounds.

The key to making this possible is attending the group work days (see Calendar).  These work days are scheduled ahead of time to allow members to appropriate their time to be in attendance.  The more members that can attend these work days the more the group can accomplish bigger and more successful/complete projects.  Plan on attending the work days to better leverage your time within the group and projects (use the Service Day Signup Sheet).  This time spent on work day projects also allows for better group cohesiveness and member fraternization (information sharing).  The work days are also a great source for completing the mandatory 20 hour minimum work requirement for members (Member Guidelines).

In return for the members volunteering their time (minimum of 20 hours), the camp grants the members the use of the premises for hunting, fishing and hiking privileges.

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